What is Exegine BMS?
Exegine BMS is an easy to use, e-business application that helps you manage your customers, leads, opportunities, customer issues, products, inventory, and orders all from one easy to use interface - your web browser. Because all areas of Exegine BMS are integrated, you get a clearer picture of your business' health.
Exegine BMS is geared towards small business owners who do not have the time or resources to manage an IT infrastructure but would still like to benefit from technology.
  How does Exegine BMS work?
Exegine BMS is a fully managed web-application that is accessed through your web browser.
Because Exegine BMS is a hosted solution you never have to worry about IT.
We manage all of the software, servers, equipment, networks and IT staff for you. You don't have to worry about hackers, security, viruses, expensive IT consultants, or any of the other nightmares associated with information technology.
This allows you to focus on what's important, your business, and gives you greater flexibility and mobility. Your critical business data is kept safe and secure, but is accessible from anywhere you have access to the internet connection.
  Why Exegine BMS?
Exegine was started by a group of individuals who realized that the computer technology solutions used by large enterprise organizations should also be available and affordable for small businesses.
Most IT solutions are designed with large businesses in mind. They have to be customized by a team of expensive developers, managed by a team of expensive project managers, can cost hundreds, if not millions of dollars, and there is also no guarantee that it will even succeed.
We know you don't have millions of dollars or hundreds of hours to spend on IT staff, servers, equipment and expensive consultants. You want a solution that comes off the shelf, ready to go, and integrates with your business seamlessly. You want to focus on serving your customers and running your business.
Secondly, most small businesses have one application for customer management, another for order management, and a third for product and inventory managment. These applications are not integrated which leaves your information disjointed. Exegine BMS is a fully integrated system that helps you manage your customer, customer issues, leads, opportunities, products, inventory and orders all from one easy to use interface - your web browser. Because the information is integrated, you get a clearer picture of your business's health.
Here is a sample of what our application offers:
  • Integrated data gives you a better view of your company's health
  • No software or hardware to install
  • No need to hire IT staff
  • Multi-platform. Works on: Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
  • Fast, Easy-to-Use, Secure and Reliable
  • No limitation on the number of products and services that can be hosted
  • Fully integrated e-commerce component
  • Handle in-house and online orders seamlessly
  • Process credit cards and e-checks
  • Easy, painless configuration and setup
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
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